Monday, May 23, 2005

How Many Times Have You Felt This Way?

Doc Russia of the Bloodletting blog is a marine who got out and is Med School. Sounds like the intership time is as grueling as the TV shows and Movies make it out to be, if he would write this post:
These are the dark days. The despairing days. These are the days when you don't know why you are still marching. When you are 12 miles into a 30 mile forced march, in the inky blackness, and under the cover of darkness you look up at the stars and wonder why you should bother. It hurts. Each step hurts exquisitely. As the blisters spread, each painful step is a little different from the last, blocking your mental attempts to make the pain something ignorable, like the radio in the background....
Enjoy the read, as it presents a man's internal thoughts when the task is seemingly impossible.

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