Friday, May 20, 2005

Lt Currie on Change

The pretty worldly Lt Currie, who is a National Guard Officer in Baghdad, part way though this post, asked the question:
Speaking of change, what is it about people that makes them so totally afraid to change?
He then goes on to answer this, with some interesting self analysis, and pretty soild wisdom. Here's some of his observations that helped him see what the lack of change does to people, and why he chose another path:
For 14 years I have witnessed friends of mine destroy themselves in useless self pitty, in failed relationships, and a voluminous archive of reasons why not to do something, There comes a time when you have to let go, and I think I have reached the red line. Letting go is the only logical solution, the only viable answer to this "Why" is good bye. To what I speak here it is not relevant that you know. Of relevance is this, it has been a culminating point from which I have now moved on. Excuses are no longer acceptable. My mind fire gave form to hope, yet logic hath brought me to my senses and rejected what I now know to be false. In my existence in the military hope has been the beginning of unhappiness. So, I relinquished hope 16 years ago and replaced it with action. I move forward in this life and those that chose to exist in a past that has no future will be forever blackend from my mind's eye. Specters of what was once possible, but that which is now dead or dying.
I've only posted part of his work here...go and read the rest. By the way, he is going to run for Congress when he returns home. Sounds like a good candidate to me.

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