Tuesday, February 14, 2006

I'm Thinking Even the Most Reluctant Parent Would Cave

Dr. Spock taught my parents generation is was a bad thing to spank children. I don't advocate it, but I had my share when I "left the farm" so to speak.... If a child today was acting like large numbers of Muslims today, I think even the pacifist parents amoung us would consider an extended, meaningful "laying on of hands." It's getting pretty disgusting, and the press seems to be egging them on by continually highlighting the bad behavior, which, in a World Court would be considered acts of war (buring embassy type properties is considered an attack on the soil of the nation who is placing diplomats there. That's a loooooonnnnggggg standing agreement, but then again, it was when we were having wars amongst countries with borders, not with ideologies, where the combatants do not wear a recognizable uniform, nor to they report to any chain of command. It's a war alright, and we need to stop looking at this like lawyers watching civil disobedience. We need to see it as a people group desiring to push their moral code on everyone they can. That's what happens in wars. The side note is how "we" get all upset when a Christian happens along in the work place, or at the mall and asks you about your believe structure. More often than not, the press tells us people are "forcing" their religion upon others and then "we" go so far as to have the Ten Commandments taken down, so as not to offend society at large. Where is the equivalent outrage when the Islamic proponents demand we not publish certain cartoons? Don't you see? Next time, will it be pictures of un-Burkaed women they brun towns down over? Or...could they decide no Jewish people should be employed? Don't call me an alarmist, just open up your paper, or turn on c-BS/ABC/NBC/CNN...they are at it now, and they will keep it up. Rueters Photo Hungry for a Big Mac? Get one now before they riot in the street against that... (H/T: Michelle Malkin!)

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