Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Not Looking So Good

The morning's news. Oh, joy.....I'm sure the blogsphere and the HBM will be trumpteing this story and I'm just in the mood to put in my two cents (you know, just about no one bends over to pick up pennies in the parking lot any more...for what that's worth). I wasn't around in the 1930's, but I'm amazed that the world marches towards intentional conflict, so many voices are raised to not stand up as a world community and tell the Iraninas this is unacceptable behavior, while we have in our figurative grasp something to make them understand that decisions have consequences. The decision to "play nice" consequence is that the rest of us will play nice. The consequence of creating nuclear weapons with the stated intent of using them in an offensive manner against others, with a heavy emphasis on genocide, will not be tolerated. Further, proportional force is acceptable and proper under the circumstances. This force may be that the world, as a whole, unified voice, isolates the Iranian nation completely and lets them stew in their own (excess oil production) juices, until they see the cause and effect, and decide nice is better. The hard part is hearing the crying babies and the pleas for not letting the babies starve. Yep, tough to handle, but it's up to the leadership to change their mind so as to protect their citizens, and not harm them (the nature of government in civilization). Will a lot of the people who think the way to solve probelms with letting the addict/rageaholic/terrorist have everything they ask for, having already demonstrated their thought processes are not normal, will have to be held in their seats and told by the leadership of the rest of the world to just be patient and see how the pain of the isolation will bring about a better, long term solution than giving in, once more, like a battered spouse who returns to the agressor and then apoligizes for leaving....a much more intelligent man than I made a speech in 1979 that addresses how we might approach this situation. As far as those who disgree with this conceptual plan: How about trying to come up with a solution and not just say "THAT'S NOT THE ANSWER!" Frankly, the "War is not the answer" signs and bumper stickers offer little to the need for peace, it's just a slogan that indicates a lazy mindset. I challenge to you is to engage your brain and see if you do have a plan and not a gripe.Like I said, my two cents. With prices what they are, possibly not worth much.

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