Friday, January 27, 2006

The Taliban "Grows Some" - NOT!

Breaking News! Taliban militants besides lauching attacks against Afghan and foreign troops, intensifying the attacks to destroy the female schools. Go figure. With NATO, US, Afghan Army and Pakistani troops to pick on, they do what they do best: Go for the "soft" target. Translation: They can't handle a fight, but they can be the armed with AK-47 and RPG equivalent of the school yard bully. I guess they are felling pretty emasculated because women now get to learn something. You have to be really insecure to try to kill them, just so they don't learn....or you are ashamed they will find out they have been getting the short end of the stick (or the longer end quite literally) since the days when Mohammed decided he had had enough of Christianity making everyone equal, and turned back the clock to recapture the worst of the male dominated Jewish culture. Yep, it's a great "religion" alright.

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