Monday, January 16, 2006

What's the Difference?

I as sat watching the first two hours of Season 5 of the Fox series "24," I thought there is one difference between that and reading the blogvel "Rythyms" by Capt Lex: At least you know for sure when the next episode of 24 is coming on... One doesn't come with exceptionally loud (and appropriate) sound effects... Other than that, both are action packed and worth every minute. BTW, Rythyms XLII is posted! Update: Thanks to an astute commenter at Little Green Footballs, there is a list of rules when operating in or near former Special Agent Jack Bauer... Over at Plain as the Nose on Your Face, we have these truthful Bauerisms:
We feel it is high time that everyone learned a bit more about the man entrusted to safeguard our national security: * When in Jack Bauer's presence, Chuck Norris urinates sitting down. * Jack Bauer can squeeze through spaces that would make a spider claustrophobic. * Tired of the incessant whining and complaining, Jack Bauer found the dogs and let them right back in. * Jack Bauer's saliva is bullet-proof. * After receiving repeated roundhouse kicks to the head from Chuck Norris, Jack Bauer was heard to ask,"Can you go a bit lower? I was crammed in an air conditioning duct between 7:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. and my back is killing me." * Jack Bauer can eat five times his body weight in terrorists. * Concerned that his dog would break under interrogation, Jack Bauer snapped his neck and turned him into the bag which he still carries to this day. * Jack Bauer has the ability to smell sounds. * Ancient peoples sacrificed virgins to Jack Bauer in anticipation of his birth. * The only thing elephants used to fear was mice. Until they hurt one of Jack Bauer's friends.
And...thanks once more to Little Green Footballs for the Open Threads, that are the cause of so much fun and information from all over the world!

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