Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Dear Liberals: Try Reading the Directions

I won't bore you with lots of links, but between the Judge Alito pontifications, the Abrahamoff, the Tom Delay fake consiracy charges...It seems when "it" is brought up by the libs, they soon find out it's people in their own party doing the same kind of things, be it falisifying travel claims, moving PAC money around, taking PAC money, or wiretapping.... The items come and go so fast, you almost can't read them. Here's my counsel for the liberals/Democrats:
I know, I would never really handle any type of weapon, but consider this in a parable style of instruction, the way Jesus's in the analogy, not the specific words (or images, in this case) 'nuff said (for now) If this information has helped you in anyway, please pop over to Project Valour-IT and ,ake a donation to the program to get laptop computers for our wonded service members as compensation for my counselling. Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the Open Thread!

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