Thursday, January 26, 2006

"i am a marine"

Via Mudville Gazette Dawn Patrol this morning, I followed a link to One Marine's View titled "This Young Marine Breaks the Code." I was not disappointed.
"When I joined the Marine Corps in February of 2002, I was really looking for a way to pay for college. The college I attended for just one semester went bankrupt, causing me to lose my full scholarship. I signed the enlistment papers never thinking about going to war, even though the United States was attacked by terrorists just a few months earlier."
Scrolling thru the comments on Capt B's blog, which quoted this Marine Sargent, I found the Sargent himself had left a comment, thanking the Captain for posting his letter, and a link to a new blog, Myskatterbrain. The first post is the letter by the one who wrote it in the first place. He decided to juimp into the blogsphere, and I might add, with an incredible start. I've marvelled for many years at the comraderie the Corps builds. Once in a while, I even think back to the day at the end of my college sophomore year, standing in front of a towering Marine major, the AOIC of the NROTC Unit, and telling him I had decided to go into the Navy, for there seemed to be little use for marine biologists in the USMC. He thought a moment and agreed. I bretahed a sigh of relief. I enjoyed my career driving ships, but there are days I see I might had had something more special... Please read the first person report on the transformation of a man in his thinking. You won't be disappointed, and you will know many others have travelled the same path. Thanks to Little Green Footballs for the Open Thread!

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