Monday, January 16, 2006

In Case You Keep Track of These Things...

The new record is 85, set 12/05/2005 at Lake Wales, FL. An you thought Naval Aviators® were the pre-eminent formation flyers... Notes from the website on what was hanging there in the sky:
The 85 way was completed in 9 minutes and 46 seconds from the time Chris left the plane until the last legal grip was taken on Annie. We held it for 17 seconds. Taking the height measurements from the canopies down the center line and heights of those individuals the formation was about 276' tall give or take a foot or two. The formation was 175' wide since there was about a foot between each person's canopy. According to the Sunday/Monday weigh ins (and Chris wearing 90 pounds) the people on the 85 way made it weigh 17,552 pounds
Get more info on this World Record here... Here's the preceeding work for an 81-way diamond:

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