Friday, January 06, 2006

An Open Invitation to Jack Murtha from Charlie Daniels

Charlie Daniels was being interviwed on the Tony Snow talk show. Charlie commented that he had no idea which generals were telling Jack Murtha that we couldn't win the war, because he hadn't heard that from a single one. During his tour of SW Asia, he said, while you might find a very occasional service member who didn't think we were winning, but every one else was confident that we were winning every where but in the media and great things were happening. Charlie issued an open invitation to Jack Murtha and Ted Kennedy to accompany him on his next tour, which is being planned for April, so they could get the answers from the troops who were doing the fighting. Sounds to me like someone has a solution to a problem here.... So, any bets that Jack Murtha's schedule is already full? It would be nice if he took this trip, so he could really make sound decisions while carrying out his Constitutionally mandated duties in Congress. Tony asked Charlie about Operation Heartstrings, too. Charlie has set up a plan to get instruments and equipment to the troops, so they have something for their time off the line to relax with. He mentioned many companies have made generous contributions already, mentioning that Gibson has already sent 100 guitars. Charlie is working with the National Guard to get the donated items transported. Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post!

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