Thursday, January 19, 2006

Glow in the Dark Pigs? Yep, It's True!

They have finally done it in Taiwan using genetic engineering to "install" jellyfish bioluminescense genes in pigs. This could spawn a whole series of applications. Kids could have a GITD pig as a pet, so when parents venture in the tried and true admonistion of "this place looks like a pigsty!" would be far more applicatble. IN the menatime, the GITD pig would provide a night light function for the child. Sailors of all types might enjoy a GITD pig, so as to remind them (in the case of Capt Lex) the glow in the carrier's wake as they make night traps, or (in the case of Chapomatic) the glow of the boiluming plankton in the periscope while underwater, or (in the case of CDR Salamander) the green shine of the UNREP ship's bow wave following the outline of the ship as you get gas and ammo at night.... And, there are many other applications. Maybe GITD hampsters would be a better idea if you are trying to get into the novelty market... HT to Little Green Footballs.

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