Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Sense of Proportionality

I use Netscape as my browser. I started with it in the way back days of the web and have kept it. The Netscape homepage hilights the news with a main article, then three that rotate in a window just underneath that. Top story: "7 Children Die in Hiway Crash; 15 Year Old Driving" - Yes, a bad thing... Rotating stories: 1: "Breakfast Battles: Watch Out McD's" - It seems the Egg McMuffin is loosing ground in the fast food, spike your sugar and cholesteral in the morning market. HORRORS! 2: "Militant Group Wins Palestinian Election; PM Resigns" - mmmm...Sorta important, but no words really grab you much. 3: "A Happy Hot Rod Homecoming" - Cool! The dude gets his Vette that was stolen 37 years ago.... of violent, islamic terrorists winning a majority of the seats in the election os a soverign nation is (pardon the pun) "sandwiched" between news of a major fast food chain losing market share at the drive thru window and some guy getting his car back. I'd say "they" sort of missed out on the understanding of the importance of each of the news stories, but then again, we can't say "they" never report "good" news.... The media said they don't censor the news, but there is so much to choose from and so little time to report it, they have to select carefully. I submit their selections, particulalry today, as the democratic mechanism of voting has brought a procalimed terrorist organization into the access to nation status. But, then again, Iran did the same thing, and speaking of that, the media sure isn't very concerned about that either....

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