Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A Toughtful Discussion on Warrantless Searches

Chapomatic is a really smart guy (but then most all sumariners I have met are), who does his homework. He has great posts and this one, besides being good reading, has spawned a "spirited," yet mostly polite discussion between a libertarian, some conservative civilians and a few ex- and current military guys, who have their opinions on the topic of the NSA leaks. I submit we have bowed to many warrantless searches, like at getting on commercial airplanes, giving our SSN for credit checks and going to major sports venues and US Customs, and no one gets too excited about that. One response to my commentary on the thread said words the the effect that there is no Constitutional right to ride a plane. Someon responded that there is also no Constitutional right to make telephone calls! Touche! I submit the rage is merely Bush Derangement Syndrome, because there doesn't seem to be retroactive rage for the decades, and, actually centuries of this behavior by government....I'd be much more sympathetic to "the cause" if I saw anger at the concept, not at one man's actions. Anyhow, it's a thread of discussion that should hang on and "have legs" I suspect....

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