Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Open Note to the "Media"

For those in the "Main Stream Media," I would like to address a few issues: Can we please get to something of substance? We have a country hurtling towards development of atomic/nuclear weapons. The President of that country also declared Israel (a soverign nation) should be wiped off the map. Maybe I'm way off base here, but I estimate this to be more important than a hunting accident. I don't mean to take anything away from the man suffering, but the sheer amount of time devoted by "you" implies this is an issue of great importance. The good news is the man is in excellent care, in a country with excellent doctors and sanitary hospitals. While his wounds may cause him problems, the bottom line, is it's under control of skilled medical personnel. On the other hand, the few trickles of reporting on the Iranin President discussing the coming of the 12th Imam and how Israel needs to disappear, and then says the holocaust never happened poses a significant danger to just about all the rest of the world. Just yesterday, an Australian newpaper released more photos and video of the Abu Gharib prison abuse, which, quite predictably, has already brought on protests (read riots that kill people) in some muslim countries. Somehow, the cartoon "scandal," the flushed Koran (that never happened) and many other proven after the fact completely false allegations regarding how American troops act keep surfacing, and causing more riots. These riots kill those who particpate, for the most part, which means these people could really care less about human life, let alone a cartoon, it's you whipping up a frenzy just to sell more papers or advertizing time. Nice...great plan. I have a question: Are you really on the Carl Rove super dupper triple secret payroll and being used to help eliminate more Islamic minded people at a lower cost and where we can't land our military to do the job? Back to comments: If you can't bring yourselves to sum up the human cost of the use of nuclear weaponry (I suggest reading about Hiroshima and Nagasaki for details), then go for the environmental angle. The radiation will rise to the area of the upper atmosphere and then move "downwind" (read: back toward Iran - how stupid are they really?) and cause long term helath consequences, unlike and power plant has ever done. But, then again, the Islamic radicals don't mind collateral damage, like you, unless it's the US Military that accidentally kills a civilian, which cause you all to foam at the mouth once more, demanding blood. Is it so hard to see the thin facade of rightousness you drape yourselves in? A slight breeze of truth will carry that away, and then you stand, exposed in your rampant hate and hipocracy. How about telling us about the $250K Al Gore received for trashing our sitting president while speaking in Saudi Arabia? The man needs a job in Hollywood, not Tenessee, because he can memorize a script for any audience willing to pay? Some would read the definiton of "treason" and label it as such, can't seem to find the time to get to the heart of this story. President Jimmy Carter at least got some coverage, while standing on the body of a dead woman. Nice touch, for all of you, and him, for being so disrespctful of Mrs. King. Paul Harvey, who seems to be drifting left, commented today about more and more land and businesses being ripped out of the hands of the people as a result of the Kelo decision of the Supreme Court, and lamented that President Bush and our Justice Dept can't seem to find any help for the citizens. Well, a quick review of the "decision" is the "liberal" justices voted to steal the land for private development and the "conservative" ones objected. Toss in how you all have convinced the public (and the NEA has made sure the general populace knows nothing better) that any decision of the Supreme Court is absolutely above all other branches of the Government. This being the case, it makes no sense for Paul harvey to complain, for if the Justice Dept did go after the issue, then you all would pillory them for thinking they were better than our hallowed, non-elected judges. Consider that you also braodcast load and clear the issues Justice Roberts supported, in opposition to the Supreme Court decisions when he was a member of the Solicitor General's Staff. You don't want it any other way, unless it's not the way you want it. There are bigger issues to provide the world with, besides some birdshot (not buckshot, like you all like to say) that injured a man. How about get a grip and make a living the decent way, starting with telling the truth and demonstrating some sense of proportionality, and also considering the positions you support? Comments?

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