Friday, February 17, 2006

"Isn't It Ironic?"

Sorry, Alanis, I couldn't resist... On the way back to the office today, the 4:30 PM news said the FBI estimated a serious possibility of a terrorist attack at the Oscars.... Consider the irony of it all, but let's pray it doesn't happen. The Hollywood crowd has done their utmost to undermine the entire GWoT effort. If George Clooney, Tim Robbins, Sean Penn, Johnny Depp, Michael Moore, etc, etc, etc were attending, the enemy (that those people think don't exist) would be targeting the very ones who can help their cause win through mass media influence. AS a strategy, I see it as pretty counter productive, but tactically, I could see them going for a splashy, last gasp sort of thing to scare us into submission, beofre they become irrelevant in the world picture. I tried googling the story, but no results. I geuss it's late breaking news for this afternoon.

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