Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Term: Great War on Cartoons (GWoC)

While reading this latest on the news of the riots over some 6 month old cartoons of Mohammed, I think it would be appropriate for the MSM to begin tracking up the "body count" for the Muslims indiscriminate killing of themselves and anyone nearby, as some form of twisted revenge for drawings published in newspapers. Let's refer to it as the "Great War on Cartoons," for that is what it is. It is a world war, from New Mexico to Italy, to Africa, and across the Middle East. Read the link to the story in Nigeria above (Africa) and tell me this isn't a religious war. It is, and it has been and will be. Pretend all you want, stick your fingers in your ears, scream "LALALALALALALA!" all you like, squinch your eyes closed and hope it was all a bad dream. Wishing isn't going to make it go away, it will be the youth of America and some staunch allies, who do the dirty work in stopping this. As I consider the straegy that is unfolding, it's a masterful one. Just as the North Vietnamese did, use mass media to "get the word out" that they are too terrible to resist, and then, when the lie becomes accepted fact, then it will be easy to roll votes through Congress to pull funding for any overseas troops. They put their "boots" on the ground retreated from. From a partcial tactical standpoint, I recall the teachings of Wesley E. Jordan, Jr.: "Time, Speed and Distance!" If this truly was a real issue with the masses of Islam, then the riots would have simultaneous broken out last summer, when the cartoons forst appeared. They didn't. There may be some good news in that circumstance. Here's my guess why. It is taking a travelling band of agitators to first get "buy in" for the idea of the riots, and then have to hoof it to each site to hopefully find an ember to fan and hope a flame will appear. If this is the case, then it's a small band of terrorist propagandists, and many tools of the trade have been taken from them. Years ago, their satellite phones went down, after the disclosure that we were listening to them. Notice how things calmed down quite a bit. With all the internationally exchanged watch lists of terrorists, travelling on any public means must have become difficult, which would explain the delays between subsequent violence in different places. Add to this that the NYT leaked we were monitoring their phone calls (cells and landlines) and it has been acknowldged that the "chatter" has decreased. These few guys (not being sexist, just recognizing that muslims don't let women do much of anything) are left with drafting letters and having a courier hand deliver them, or making them memorize an order, that they have to deliver without error. Talk about sucking in command and control issues, let alone having a chance of getting inside your enemy's OODA Loop... The good news may be we are effectively throttling their tactical comms, allowing a mere trickle of information to flow. The bad news is they have developed strategic communications tools by co-opting the traditional press, where "the world's opinion" happens. If you didn't read the link to the 20 Year Plan of Islam it is. Get there and absorb it. Update 2/19/2006: Uncle Jimbo has some thoughts over at Black Five on things that don't exist.... Thanks to Mudville Gazette for the Open Post Update: 02/21/2006: The Nigerians say the MSM silence is killing them. From the History News Network:
This REFUSAL of the press to mount a HUGE OUTCRY is GETTING US KILLED. . . . If they'd all come out in unison and HOWLED THEIR DISGUST, it might have quelled the riots and shamed the Muslims into ceasing this obscene behaviour. As it is, Muslims see nothing is going to happen to them for howling and they are going to up the ante. The REAL STORY IS THE PRESS REFUSAL TO COVER THIS. WHY?
That fact is truth, even if it hurts the liberals feelings...enough already! Update: 2/23/2006: It seems the violence is begetting violence. Nigeria Christians are retaliating by killing Muslims and then burning their corpses in the streets. See this article from the Herald Sun. Sadly, add at least another 85 dead by 'toons to the list. Also, in news 2/23/2006: Nigerian Archbishop denounces Jihad.... Thanks to Sobering Thoughts blog for the link!

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