Friday, October 01, 2004

An analysis of what's happening in Iraq

The acts of terrorists are pretty foreign to us, as they do not honor life or courage. We have a view that is juxtaposed to this and I think it does limit our ability to "get into their heads," and therefore defeat them. That being said, I feel it's better we don't ever really try to think like them, as that would have to be such a soul searing mindset, that it may well ruin a person. When you strip it down to the roots, you will see there is the good vs. evil to this all and the good is triumphing, just not as fast as you microwave meal gets cooked. It's a crock pot thing going on, and we must be patient. From the Mudville Gazette comes a well thought out analysis. It's not too long a read, but to the point. BTW, Greyhawk, the guy who runs Mudville, is now in country in Iraq, as an active duty Army guy. He just got there, so check his pages out for the first person view of the conditions in Iraq.

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