Thursday, October 07, 2004

It's a wonderful time in the neighborhood of the tolerant liberal Democratic supporters! This act of AFL-CIO protesters in Orlando on 10/05/2004 is merely on of several recently stated events to go beyond the bounds of civil disobedience. At Little Green Footballs, charles posted this article and commentary. This post helped me put some words to my frustration. Here's my commentary, I posted ealier today (with as many typos and gramatical errors cleaned up as I could figure out): #124 Curt 10/6/2004 06:14AM PST Last night I was considering how so many "accusations" or labels coming from the mouths of the Democratic party are in fact what they have become. As pointed out in post #122, yes, Watergate. Bad thing...people breaking the law, and especially bad when the President himself is in on the action. The amount of abnormal violence all of a sudden seems completely uncharacteristic of normal human behavior, except when you see a crowd mentality take hold and people somehow forget their moral compass. This rash of illegal acts, seemingly considered "no big deal" by the MSM, fit the mold of people being whipped up into a fervor at a mass meeting, but not something you'd think of happening in a disbursed manner such as we have, Seattle, Knoxville, Orlando, Tampa....It leads me to believe beside talking up "stuffing" poll boxes electronically, that there is a back-channel message being sent out, demanding liberals take some horrific action. It makes me wonder even more.... Anyhow, the issue presented of Gun Control...they are against it as a party, yet use them. Dissenting opinions being "supressed?" Hey, Tim Robbins, what about storming offices and defacing signs and destroying campaign material? Did that ever happen to your movie studio? Storming the streets, yes, just as the Brown Shirts roaming the streets of Germany in the 1930s....Wasn't it Gore who called the right "Digital Brown Shirts?" Ok, I get it ...little words typed on a screen are horrific, up there with Saddm's murder of 350,000+ people, but your opinion is worse. Maybe its morally acceptable when you do it in real life, and actually injure or destroy in the name of your party and its ideal... Terrorists? Yes, they are becoming that, with the propaganda they have the audacity to push to us, with straight faces, knowing they are all lying. Then they tell people you must react to the threat they have skillfully composed in the public eye. I'd say John Kerry did learn something from his Vietnam experieince, he learned how to model classic communist methodology to take down an establihed govenrment. Look how the North Vietnamese invaded the halls of Congress and the University/College campuses to change minds? If you look at actual scientific polling data of the era, the nation was in favor of the Vietnam War, except those groupings from academia and in our very own law making body. What will the morning bring on November 3rd, if this is happening now? If Kerry wins, there will be parties on one side and grudging acceptance on the other. If Bush wins, I suspect parties on one side and wanton, party sanctioned "willful destruction" on the part of the other side. I use willful destruction, as I learned in an investigation while I was in the Navy, that when one of your own sailors destroys equipment to keep a unit from completing it's mission, it's not "sabotage." That's something the enemy does. Since we're still all Americans, then it will be willful destruction. Manchurian Candidate? Possibly. I thought it was Bill Clinton taking money from China. On the other hand, this may just be the continuance of the strategy of that "setback" in the takeover. Look at history, the Vietnamese fought the Chinese for 1000 years...and finally won. Determination, across the generations can exist. Not trying to dredge up any demons that don't really exist, but all too many patterns of totalitarianism and communism surface these days. Rampant hipocracy, bold faced lies, control of thoughts, pandering to any one, just to get in, then you cna turn the tables. Dr Lazardo said "Egads! It makes the ganglia twitch!" I argeee. I just hope the nightmare ends 11/3/2004, but then again, it won't, we have too many lawyers in the halls of power already. It will be ugly and contested to the last breath. Pardon my typos in advance....only have a few minutes here...but had to say something.

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