Friday, October 01, 2004

What happens when you mess with a combat vet?

Great post over on Black Five about what an MP back from the 'Stan and Iraq did when some bozo decided to try a random act of will do your heart good to read this. There is an important thread of how the mind works in the article: Notice how he reacted when a gun was pointed at him. He took an action that 1) Had a great probaility of foiling the attack. Our troops train to run into an ambush when it's srung on them, rather than to cower on the ground in the "kill zone," which usually is chosen by the ambushers because of it's clear field of fire. The opening rounds fired in an ambush are usually not very accurate and you can take advantage of this and futher put the enemy off guard by doing what they don't expect, you turning and running into the firing.2) He moved to protect those around him, again without giving it a seconed thought. He had a cnace of saving his borhter in this unknown situation. Question: How do you get people to respond to firing weapons to run at them and IMMEDIATELY counter-attack them? Answer: First, teach them the truth: You're chances of living are dramatically increased in doing this and 2) Make them practice it over and over and over and over and over. Outcome: The body's "muscle memory" responds in miliseconds to put the person in the condition that will best keep them alive. Normal, thought out reactions, which are not resting on top of a solidly produced foundation of training, take 2-3 seconds to process. That's a tribute to a little mass of tissue in the brain that God gave us named the amygalda. Summation: If you want to do something the right way, and you want your body to "do it without thinking" (that's a mis-diagnosis, it's really you have "pre-pallned" and the thinking has already occured), then find out what action you want to take, then practice it....

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