Thursday, October 07, 2004

Outsourcing the Hunt for Osama bin Laden

I posted my thought over at Black Five today on this topic. They stem from the, once again, shrill accusation from the Kerry camp, via the VP debate last night, about how we bungled the war and failed to capture the terrorist mastermind. There is a serious issue here, when will the MSM pick up on it? If you care for some real, first hand comments on the possibility of capture of OSL, this link takes you to what one of the Green Beret Colonels had to say about it all, and he was there. I'll take his word over anyone elses, any day. I suggest you give this man's words their proper consideration. Here we (I) go! Simply amazing. For any person, outside the center of the control of the war to state so forcefully things that he protrays as though he has intimate knowledge.... One of two things: He (they) is (are) lying through his teeth, without any shame, or he is exposing intelligence information of the highest level. Interesting, when a "leak" about someone's wife comes out, it's time for a Congressional inquiry (what are they really worth these days, besides entertainment?). If a person, so desparate to get into the office of the most powerful person on earth, that they will stop short of no bounds, this is not who any of us need, regardless of what he promises to line our pockets with federal money or benefits. So, if John Edwards and John Kerry are speaking the truth, I suspect the source documents are way up there in the compartmented stratosphere, and federal laws have been broken. If no one from the FBI shows up to arrest them for disclosing classified information, then it's guess what? They're trying to copy Dan Rather. What a compliment to c-BS news, that they would have to come down from their mansions to imitate such immoral behavior. Oh, and I love the "Way Back" machine they got from Mr. Peabody. We need one, does anyone want to help pony up to buy it? I'll share, I promise...:) From a strategic view, going after OSL alone, would be tatamount to an oncologist excising the single, visible skin tumor, and saying "OK, I'm done!" and disregarding the reality of the disease, that by the time you can detect it, it's not just there, and in the future, if not agressively treeated, will metastisize (sp?) to other locations, to continue the fight. Point: Go after "it" hard, fast, on all fronts, and strong, or, with cancer and terrorists, you're lost. "Knock, knock!" "Who's there?" "al-Queda Beheading Squad. Did you vote for Kerry?" .....(cloned from SNL "Land Shark" skits of long ago.) My contention is I wasn't equipped to deal in strategic issues as a LTjg, or even LT. I was well trained, but it was at the tactical level. jfK was at the same level, yet the difference, is he got out and most likely never bothered to read "On War." That one book alone would have helped. I was lucky enough to get set to school for an MA in Strategic Sudies and it changed my entire view of politics, business, new reports and, most importantly, life.. (For full disclosure for future reference: I did correct the misspelling of "politics" from the other post...:))

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