Thursday, October 07, 2004

Deterence - An essay

Bill Whittle has some great writing at his site. One came out in the last few days on the issue of deterence. Deterence is a concept the United Sates of America adopted as a strategic policy concept at the end of WWII. It has served us well, but not perfectly. It has been the basic premsie of all the administrations, Democratic and Republican for over a half century. John Kerry seems to say he's for it, but when you take all his commentary over time, it sounds like he'd fold fast and let Ameican interests abroard be attacked. Just had a blinding flash of the obvious: What if the plants of the Heinz corporation are under threat of being nationalized, or destroyed? Will he suddenly change his tune and step out in advance? Anyhow, wander over to Bill's site and settle in for a thought provoking read. If you value the brain God gave you, I urge you to think about what Bill has to say.

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