Thursday, October 07, 2004

President by Judical Appointment?

I for one, foresee a moment, in the very near future, where we wake up to find the President of the United States determined by appointed judges. Hello, McFly! Does that stop your heart? It does mine. The rumors are flying that serveal things are in place now that will allow challenges to President Bush being elected. I'd just comment that while this may seem like a good idea for the potential loser of the election, just as you oppose the meddling with the Constitution for an amendment for the definition of marriage, you had better lose sleep over opening the door to letting the judges put you into the highest office in the Country. Here's what jfK (btw, I use that particular case indication, as John F Kerry cannot possibly measure up to John F Kennedy, so I use lower case for john Kerry) doesn't ever seem to conprehend: If you can do it to someone else, someone else can do it to you. Once more I say: It's always dangerous to set a precedent. If Presidential contender can manage to overturn the Electroial College system, which has been a pretty good way to handle our elections for the prior 228 years, they will have nullified the votes of any and all citizens. We, The People, those named specifically in Preamble of The Constitution of The United States of America, in order to create a more perfect union (not a more perfect - indicating it has room to grow, but a recognition of it never being perfect)will no longer have a voice. The power to place a President in Office will become the domain of the Judicial branch. He's what I propose: If anyone attempts to do this, we need to IMMEDIATELY make the lawyers and politician know, we aren't going to stand for this. It doesn't even matter which party is doing this, if either one does it, then we are all lost. Letters, phone calls, demonstrations, etc all in order. Do you understand how important this is? I hope you do, for that spectre lurks in the shadows of the nearing 11/3/2004 elections. Keep your freedom, keep your vote. I will not stand for Presidents by Judical Appointment! Are you with me, or against your own freedom?

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