Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Where's the Way-Back machine when we need it?

I'm pretty disgusted with the VP debate. The moderator is pretty plainly after the Bush Administration. John Edwards is merely a shill for the man who might be his boss. It seems from the K-E side, there is a strnage belief that by saying "we'll do better" is good enough. It's great to be Monday Morning Quarterbacks, but not when it's about the safety of American citizens. If you haven't had any experience in running a war, at least be intelligent enough to do your homework first. John Kerry, using the mouth of JE tonight, wants us to believe a good strategy is to focus on a single target, take care of it, then go after the others in sequence. Certainly that's nice, when the threat is isolated, but not when it's from all directions. John Edwards himself, while trying to defend a flawed strategy, mentioned al-Queda members came from 60 different countries. OK, there's the answer why not to go after "point" targets in a serial manner. I'd still disgusted. Especially when a trial lawyer says there are too many law cases, and we will have the lawyers be responsible to fix the systems. Great to hear, when he is going to be able to not have to be a lawyer the rest of his life. He'll ride his House job, or VP resume the rest of his life, and not have to set foot in a classroom. That's exactly like Karl Marx writing "The Communist Manifesto" when he was a retired industrialist. Strange, he had the idea of utopia after he had made his riches off the Proletariat. Put JE in the same category. I'm taking the night off,it hurts my head.

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