Wednesday, October 13, 2004

John Kerry to heal the lame (if elected)

I can’t believe it. Yesterday, John Edwards nominated John Kerry as Jesus Christ. He said “When John Kerry is elected, people like Christopher Reeves will get up out of their wheelchairs and walk.” That sounds arrogant beyond any level that is acceptable. Ok, so he‘ll fix the economy, stop the war, make more jobs (or maybe jobs for all), provide drugs cheap, make Medicare less, and – to top it off, make the lame walk The last stories I heard about that are in the New Testament. So, now he’s (John Kerry) not satisfied to just be a lowly President of the United States, he wants to be like God. Suddenly it is becoming clear. John Kerry is being consistent, in that he wants to “take America back from the church going people,” yet he is now pandering to get the Pentecostal Christian vote on his side, but he is using a surrogate to get the message out. Yes, he’s consistently trying to work both sides of the equation. I guess as it comes down to the wire, we’ll see more moves on the pat of the Kerry-Edwards campaign to demonstrate more and more Christ like behaviors. What might we anticipate next? Possibly we’ll see the blind being promised vision. That would actually be something most people could easily correlate to Jesus Christ. Promising to turn French bottled water into fine French wine might he something he can commit to at his inaugural ball. He’d be under a lot of pressure to come through here, since this was also Christ’s first miracle. Sarcasm aside, there is something sinister going on here. There once was this angel named Satan, who decided he wasn’t getting enough glory. The story, at a basic levels pretty well known. Let me just end this discussion with it was all about the sin of Pride then land I see itsthe same thing now. Pray for no more superbly stupid promises from any candidates, ever again, not just for this election.

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