Thursday, February 24, 2005

A call to arms for NOW equivalents, this time from someone in Europe

As a regular reader of Little Green Footballs, I regularly noticed comments from someone using the nickname “Norwegian Kafir.” More often than not, he was making “OT” (off topic) posts, with links to articles about what was going on in Europe in reference to the influence of the Islamic religion on European culture. I chased a few of those links, and the reading was always quite illuminating. Good news! He has begun his own blog, Fjord Man. His first post discusses the growing problem with sexual assaults and crime increase in Sweden. The horrifying situation is that about 80% of the rapists are muslim immigrants, and about 80% of the victims are native Swedish women. Law enforcement has refused to make the issue of the “profiles” up in bright lights, for some PC reason. That’s scary. Your native society is being preyed on by an identifiable group with in the population, and no one wants to say that’s a problem. His second article is relating the adoption of Shari’a law principles by European courts in recent cases. That’s another scary thought, where the laws of your native culture, which are pretty “people friendly” as they are are being overrun by those of immigrants, and they are in conflict with the gender equality of the existing laws. So, how about it NOW members? When will it get so bad that you will stir from your complacency and get into the fight? I’ll assume I’m correct in saying your “foremothers,” who got out to get the right to vote, and secured so many other rights for you by their campaigning, would be ashamed of you right now.

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