Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Was it really fair to count 44 as dead?

Just a quick mid-day post: Rush Limbaugh reported that in the count of 44 dead on January 30, 2005 in the Iraqi Elections, 8 of the 44 were suicide bombers. I believe it would be fair to reduce the count of those who died, not of their own volition, as they tried to vote as a more meaningful "measure of effectiveness" to 36. Add to the situation that of the 8 suicide bombers, 7 were Saudi citizens. How can people hang on to the thought that it's the Iraqis that didn't want us there. I think it's more the case of the neighboring countries, that hang onto power through heavy handed religitcs, are shaking in their boots at the thought that the people may gain a voice and strive to make things, including the distribution of wealth, a real thing. Who could really oppose that happening in the grand scheme of things?

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