Monday, February 28, 2005

Her son's a Marine, but I think you'd not want to take this lady on....

When it comes to "out of the box" thinking (a polite way of saying it can be compeletely stupid, and competely unhindered by fact, or even a degree of maturity, in this case), take a moment to see what Deb of Marine Corps Mom found coming from a mind of mush at UMass.... It got her attnetion and she needed a little stress relief, so she chose to express her opinion in return. Fair is fair, right? If you want to see some articulate writing, protraying a level of understanding, compassion and selflessness of thought, as well as a grip on the state of world affairs, now take the time to peruse her letter, complete with young Naughton's meager effort to justify his pitful behavior. Scary as it is, it seems to be the fundimental MO of the liberal, victimized mindset. If you can't stand up and defend your position (because you know it's rottent to the core from the start), hide in the shadows and wait until you can, in the darkness, take what you want. If you deserve it, I ask why don't you do it in the light? Because you know someone withh take exception and bring justice to your life.... Anyhow, she did a fine job of communicating an essential message about life, liberty, the freedom of choice and why this is important.

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