Saturday, February 12, 2005

The run for 2008 is upon us or why the fuss over Condi?

We’ve just inaugurated the President. The next election is 3 ½ years away, but much like retailers having the gall to advertise for Christmas before we get to Thanksgiving, the Democrats have already put the overt Presidential Campaign for 2008 in the public view. Why do I say this? Polls out this past week “testing the waters” amongst Democrats, asking who do you favor to win in 2008? John Kerry, as if he hasn’t been beaten once in the past few months, is many points behind Hillary, and IT’S THREE YEARS AWAY! Hillary has moved to the Armed Services committee and visits bases now. She gives a speech, listing many of the horrible statistics of abortion (yet never really says what her position is – call it plausible forgetfulness when the topic comes up in the future and she still is in favor of it), and generally is trying to make us believe she is moving towards the center. That’s a long, hard drive from the far left, but IT’S THREE YEARS AWAY! (so maybe she’ll make it look good by then). Now, what does this have to do with Condoleezza Rice? I think it’s simple: The Democrats are scared senseless, that the party that is for both Women’s Rights, and Civil Rights in their rhetoric, see there may be a black woman who has what it takes to make a run for the Presidency, and SHE’S NOT A DEMOCRAT! It’s bad enough that it has taken both the Bush Presidents to put minorities in places of esteem and authority, while Bill Clinton didn’t and Howard Dean claimed since there were few black people in his home state, he shouldn’t be held accountable for preaching equality, just never seems to practice it. Just how are they going to stand in front of the US constituency, let alone the World and tell us once more, this time with even more passionate words, that they are the party of the oppressed and the mis-treated, while the Republicans present a real person of substance, who is not only a minority, but a woman? Sorry, it just doesn’t play well when what you say and what you do are so far apart. Oh, the votes that will shift….they cried because 2000 was close, they tried when they thought they could toss out the votes of enough hard working citizens, via the courts, to take over the popular vote in 2004, but I envision the word “LANDSLIDE” for 2008. How could they possibly pull out of this power dive in time to avoid a virtual “crash?” And this is why they are taking every means available to criticize and vilify Condi. They have to try and push some really big lies long and hard to hope they can keep people from voting for her. It’s simple. They want back in, not because they have any agenda, but because they just want to wield the power. Ask Golem what that means, or just re-read the Lord of the Rings once more. In all fairness, I did hear a report that Howard Dean, after being elected as the DNC Chairman (Hey! What’s with the sexist title?) did say they would have to start working towards some other agenda than to beat George Bush. Yes, I think he’s got it. In the coming months, as the attack poodle Dems nip at Condi’s heels, know it’s only because they are going to try and bring her down early, so they have a shot at it later on. Honestly, I’m looking forward to a well experienced, forthright Secretary of State making the planet a safer place for everyone, and the record that comes with that, as well as a “ticket punch” in the international relations field that Hillary has no hope of getting. Condi will be one formidable candidate.

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