Friday, February 04, 2005

Hillary: Abortions have risen in 8 states during the 4 years Bush has been in office

Source: Time, February 7, 2005 issue, pg 30, “Trying a More Soulful Tone” by Perry Bacon, Jr. discussed Hillary’s speech “a few days after the Democrat’s November defeat.” A “Dean Scream” seems appropriate, yet that’s not a very mature reaction, so I’ll just furrow my brow and contemplate just how you might construct a rationalization that can connect President Bush as a causal agent in that situation. Was it something he said, or maybe some states he purposely ensured any anti-abortion messages (in 8 to be exact) were skillfully extracted from his speeches and campaign ads? Did he drive by high schools in the Presidential limo, offering a free ride and funding to go to the nearest Planned Parenthood office? Was it because of President Bush’s anti-abortion stance that couples got pregnant in order to exercise their legal right, based on the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, to be able to have an abortion before it became illegal (chalk this one up to fearing strict Constitutionalists being appointed to the benches)? My brow is still furrowed even after considering these possibilities. Could it have been that couples (comprised of a male-female pair, as biology would have it) engaged in a union that resulted in an “unwanted” pregnancy with absolutely no regard with who was the President? While Hillary inhabited the White House, might there have been an increase in abortions in any of the 50 states or U.S. Territories? If so, as I suspect was the case (albeit without doing my homework), would she accept anyone making a similar statement about her husband’s influence on life in general? Maybe it depends on what “is” means….. I further suspect that the abortions increased in more than just 8 states in the eight years President Clinton was in office. Regardless of what happened in those years, I refuse to try to pin the blame on President Clinton. It was fairly the choice and responsibility of the women who made the choice, whether or not they sought outside advice. Hillary is trying to mask her support for abortion on demand, in order to begin to woo “conservative” voters for her 2008 run. She is good at pandering; but the veneer she glues on is very thin indeed. I just need to file this under the heading “Egad! It makes the ganglia twitch!” (and we’re not even talking about acceleration over-thrusters).

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