Saturday, February 12, 2005

See what they do to feminists in a theocracy?

Once again, a wake up call for the NOW crowd: I just found this site tonight. I like the name "The Big Picture." Before I get to the article, a quick side track: While I was a merely a young ensign, at my basic surface warfare training, we would go to the ship simulators and practice maneuvering drills, where no paint was ever scraped, and no metal bent. Courts of Inquiry, and especially Courts Martials were avoid many times whe the dreaded "Loss of Big Picture Accident" occured. Being as how the Navy loves acronyms, we had to and shorten this to "LOBPA." In context, you'd say something like: "Yep, Mickey was doing OK just before the LOBPA and his tin can got sliced in half by the CV!" I mention that, because the MSM has been having an LOBPA for some time now. Back to the main point of this post: This link is to a post about an Iranian female blogger, and her experience with the "system." Read it and weep, NOW members, and change your tune before this comes to a neighborhood near you....or, alternatively, if you can't stand up for Women's Rights around the world, come up with a new title for your organization, such as "Greedy, Rich, Whiny, American Women Who Want Everything Their Way, at the Expense of Everyone Else." Makes for an ugly acronym: "GRWAWWWETWEEE." If I have some time this weekend, I'll work on that, no charge, just so we can tag you appropriately.

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