Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Gunner Palace - My Review

What a wonderful movie....I saw the preview in Tampa, now yesterday evening. Michael Tucker has done a masterful job of making a real life documentary of the real world. The words of the junior enlisted, and sometimes the Battalion Commander were unrehersed and right from the heart. It is a movie that shows you just who these young men and women are, and not in any puffed up way. I don't recall every seeing anything this captivating, because of it's "inside" view. The movie neither glorifies the war, nor denigrates it. It reports on humanity, and also gives you a view of the life of the Americans and Iraqis I suspect you'd be hard pressed to find anywhere else. The website is yourselves a favor: sign up for the newsletter and ask when the show will be in your area, and then clear your schedule to get there to see it. I heard him say it opens March 11th. Warning: The troops do what people do when they are in those types of environments, they liberally use all sorts of words, but I can attest it's part of the culture, not only in the service sometimes, but it shows you real people.

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