Thursday, February 10, 2005

Doesn't this guy watch "24?"

Two afternoons ago, whilst I sat and listened to the semi-local Todd Schnitt afternoon talkshow, some "mucadoo" (thanks for the appropriate title to Frank J. of IMAO) called in to the host and began to talk around, but not very throughly, his anger at some unnamed major companies, and how he was planning to do something very big, and very dramatic to teach them something. Wow, telephonic threats, which were illegal before 9/11/2001, and here he is making them on a radio show that plays in Tampa, San Antonio and Miami, and is also on a webcast from 970AM WFLA. It gets better: After the host kept him on the line for several minutes and skillfully tried to extract lots of information, Todd just tried *69. Guess what? It gave the number and it turned out to be a pay phone in TX somewhere. Next caller in, was a man claiming to be the brother of the muckaoo, saying his brother had it in for Monsanto, was a was a long haul truck driver, and currently out of town. He was all for his brother being called to be accountable for his actions. Todd called the local FBI office and yesterday he reported they came over, talked at length and then left, with CDs with the audio tracks of the phone calls. Somehow this person has failed to comprehend call tracing, or even modern audio recording technology. And, he sure never heard of the Patriot Act..... Feeling like a few minutes of "stupid criminal" sound tracks? Here are Part 1 and part 2 of the actual phone calls...enjoy!

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