Thursday, March 31, 2005

After the Felos News Conference

Once more, just after hearing this guy, my blodd pressure is up. Thankfully, I have really great blood pressure, so it's aggravation, but not life threathening. AN open comment to Mr George Felos: George, the biggest lesson in my life is when it's the "right thing," no explanation is needed. You took about 20 minutes.... He referred to Terri "entering her final death sequence." Wow! I think he really meant to say "final life sequence." Life does has some sort of gas exchange system, and ability to control bodily functions. Terri certainly was living, so I'd say she has now entered her initail stages of death, and completed her final stages of life. Thanks for the information saying Terri needed to have a death with dignity. I agree. Who was it keep ithe family away from her all these years? It wasn't any one from the Schindler's side...And, I suspect he was afraid Bobby Schindler would have taken Michael's head off, right there at the bedside. I do like the question: Since everyone knew this day would come, why didn't anybody paln for how to handle this(implied to have the families in there at the same time)? What a great lawyer answer, something like "I dunno." Let me see, you can use all the medical words about the "death process," yet you can't figure out how to manage all the family being present for the death. That dog just don't hunt.... And the gaul of George Felos to functionally demand that all the priests and family and protestors and politicians and the Governor, all see it his was for healing to happen. George, I'm sorry your client was called a murderer, but I want to know when the wedding announcements will be coming out...... His further comments about all the power of the government sticking their nose into family business, another clue to George: That's what they do all the time. You're a lawyer, look up domestic violence. How about child abuse? Smart people without one shred of common sense. And, the really big clue: ELIAN GONZALES, you smuck! Worse yet, an America that didn't recall more than "there are three branches of government" from civics. Once more, I thank NEA for helping make "us" so stupid (not ignorant, for the information is there for the reading) that we don't even know what is supposed to be happening in the government. Enough for now. Another step down the slippery slope....

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