Tuesday, March 22, 2005

And why isn't this fair game for federal courts?

Ah, the Terri Shavaio law just passed by Congress is making many people very unhappy! Specifically, one of the local talk show hosts likes to pretend he has a complete grasp of the issues involved, by saying the Florida State Courts were trampled and the 10th Amendment says the states have rights. Yes, the states do have rights, right up until they are planning on doing something wrong. I recall in my education, a little note about States seceeding from the Nation, wasn't that illegal? If not, lots of people died for nor reason. Maybe that was one of those Kerry Wars, you know, "Wrong War, Wrong Time." Toss in the loud screeches of those who you can almost tell are pulling their hair out yelling "THE RIGHT WING CHRISTIANS ARE PUSHING THIS THROUGH THE PRESIDENT!" I think that's really what they are angry about, more so than states rights. First off, so what? It was a majority of the congressional members who enabled this bill to be signed into law. Did many of them suddenly become born again when I wasn't looking? I'd suggest, if you have a problem with that, you find a civics course, and refresh your knowledge of a representative government. Secondly, it may save you from an upset spouse one day, you morons! Thirdly, and most importantly, It's a good thing (as I heard on Dr on the radio say today) the "so-called religious people" (thanks for judging me without any knowledge of who I am, nor how I live my life, you overly educated person who admitted "I hadn't been to chruch in a long time.") are allowing Terri to be tortured by keeping her alive. Wow, some "so-called" religious people are taking a stand, because that would mean that the "so-called non-religious people" (which, by derivation from the Dr. statement, is everyone else out there) are chickening out and hoping they won't get killed one day in a case like this. Next, let me now pose a question, refreshing the memories of those who I believe don't want to hear this: Did you object to Texas having it's rights trampled when Lawrence vs. Texas went to the Supreme Court? Isn't that the same issue you're apopletic over? How about Roe vs. Wade? The lady in the case was only a citizen of one state, wasn't she? Would you bother to admit that that case also trampled on the rights of a state? Oh, yes, Virginia, the liberals and "anti-extreme-right-wing-Christian" types will use the SCOTUS when it fits their agenda, but when their own tactics are employed successfully against them, it's just not fair, is it? Pick up a copy of "The Pelopenisian War" by Thucydides and do some focused reading about what Sparta did to the Athenians, then come back and have a logical discussion. And, if you're one of those "right to death" people, I suggest Kool-Aid.

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