Monday, March 21, 2005

"Turning Point"

Another blog worth the read. A young 2LT, who was in the Marines in 1990 (based on a comment I read in one of his posts), is now in Iraq. His post, titled "Turning Point" is about his interaction with and Iraqi family. I dropped back to his first posts and am almost to the current post. He saw something special when he made a human to human connection with this group of people on the far side of the world. Near the end of his post, he says this:
Protect the future at all costs. What is worth living for must be worth dying for. I found another reason to live yesterday, and I found something else I’d fight to the death for.
That's not the heart of an occupier, but the heart of a real person who cares a lot of weaponry, but cares for his fellow man's well being.

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