Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What did I just hear?

I didn't catch his name, but just a few short moments ago on the Tony Snow Show, a former Congressman and former US Attorney from Atlanta (during the Reagan years), was interviewed by John Gibson (sitting in for Tony, while he recovers from cancer surgery). Quote by this attorney: "We have to respect a consistent process." This was when he was asked if the Terri Shavaio case should go to the Federal system of courts. He said since the State of Florida has a law covering this, then the US should "butt out." When John Gibson tried to make a point by presenting a scenario for a "second look," by asking what if a prosecutor found out the defendant was, in fact not guilty, and told the judge that, upon review, there was new evidence and the defendant wasn't guilty. Sounds like the stand up thing for someone to do when the truth is presented. Here's the answer (I remind you, from and attorney and former Congressman, just in case you forgot): "A prosecutor should never do that, as it would be an abuse of power." Either this guy missed the whole point, or he just said the "State" should never say they have made an error. I just hope this guy mis-understood the question....

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