Tuesday, March 22, 2005

"I don't want the Government telling me what to do!"

I just shake my head sometimes. Twice today, when talking to my friends, they said "I'm afraid/concerned, I don't want the Government telling me what to do!" hhhuuuummmm...Am I in a parallel dimension? As I leave my house to come to work in the morning, I drive a car, and I can, because the state gave me a drivers license. I pass numerous speed limits signs along the path to my job. The some of the money I am paid, I am told by Federal law to send to the Government. I can't murder someone, because both the State and US Governmental organizations say so. I can't steal property of others, I can't deface public or private property, in fact, I can't do a mulitude of things BECAUSE THE GOVERNMENT TOLD ME! Maybe my two friends don't live in the same universe I do, but my cell phone allows me to make cross-dimensional calls (pretty cool, huh?). The government, by laws passed by our representatives, whom we elected, by regulations from local, state and federal agencies, and because courts interpret laws brought before them for decisions. So what's the problem?

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