Saturday, March 12, 2005

Unmarked bills and requests to change WMD reports?

Well, well, well....(hat tip to Mrs Greyhawk of Mudville Gazette) If you have nothing to hide, why would you take the time and money and try to get someone to "doctor" reports? Even the average person on the street inherently understands that if someone offers you money to change the facts to be "not facts" and a thick envelope of cash is sitting on the table, there's something amiss. I wonder how long this story about Saddam trying to bribe a UN Weapons Inspector will take to get across the Atlantic and into ABC, NBC and CBA broadcasts. Too bad Dan Rather is gone, he might be able to come up with fake memos (with a creation date of today and properties that they were authored by "DR" in Word) saying this entire story was planned before the war and is a total fake.... Will the Democrats and critics of the War now eat crow? No, that's asking for too much. On the other hand, we may possibly get out of them they just hate the President and hate not being in power. That's really been their complaint all along, they are just too cowardly to say it, fearing someone would consider them un-American. I have news for them: TOO LATE! Be happy the WMDs are buried and under control of the Syrians, only because it's keeping them from beuing used on you, while the enemy waits until you get complacent, or back in power, when it will be safe to use them on us, so you can reach out and try to appease them. I recall one local talk show host, Todd Schnitt asking a caller who was against the was "because there were no WMDs" if he would change his mind if WMDs were found. Boy, did thay guy ever tap dance and try to get out of answering it. The same thing happened for several callers several months ago, when the "THERE ARE NO WMDs!" idiotic stories were going around. I can only imagine the early press, "THE EARTH IS FLAT!" mentality that is still around, like they have some claim to all knowledge of the entire universe. On the other hand, while $2M sounds like a lot of money, just do some research and find out the CWO John Walker gave extermely sensitive information on anti-submarine efforts to the USSR for about $100k. The USSR got a real bargain, because that information essentially nullified most every acoustc detection system we had. The defense Budget during the Reagan years ahd to pick up that slack, so we could put new systems in service to defend the country and our amphibious and carrier battle groups from submarine attack, to the tune of billions. That was the 80s. I bet if we adjusted for inflation, Saddam was offering far too little to keep his country from being smashed and hiding in a hole like a hunted animal.

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