Monday, April 18, 2005

63rd Anniversary of the Doolittle Raid on Japan

This post at Mudville Gazette reminded me it's 63 years since those brave Army Air Corps men departed from the heaving decks of the USS HORNET, 400 miles further out than they planned, to show our enemy we we're going to sit back and take it. Some lost thier lives, some became POWs, some made it to China, to be rescued and fly another day for the USAAF. It took lots of guts, and lots of brains to pull this "joint operation" off so many years ago. I read Jimmy Doolittle's autobiography, "I Could Never Be So Lucky Again" several years ago. General Doolittle was a jewel of a man and a lead from the front kind of guy. It's a great read, and while the account of the raid is wonderful, it also gives a view into service in the post-WWI Army, as well as some service to this country after WWII. And....there was a B-25 at Sun 'n' Fun this past weekend. See this post about some of the other things I saw there.

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