Thursday, April 28, 2005

I’m Not Sure What to Believe Now...

Scientific American for May 2005 says on the cover “Do-It-Yourself Black Holes: Physics Gets Ready.” For the loyal blog readers here, you’ll recall that physicists decided a earlier this month that Black Holes didn’t exist. I guess the Scientific American writing staff and editors didn’t get the word. And, for those of you in the military, we know it’s not an excuse when you don’t know, you just get nailed for "Failure to get the word." I’ll admit it, I’m confused as to what’s the truth here. Ok, it looks like if you get out to the garage and dust off your particle accelerator (or head down the community center to use theirs), you know, the one you built as from a Heathkit project, a model of the accelerator at CERN near Geneva, you can possibly make microscopic Black Holes, so you can play in the quantum particle physics field. Don’t worry, these "small" Black Holes won’t rip stars apart (they didn’t mention what it will do to the Harley you also keep in the garage). Once you produce a hole, you should be able to make discoveries to enhance our understanding of the universe. Just make sure you keep your prized Craftsman tools, the golf clubs and your Harley at a safe distance (just in case), to make sure they aren’t taken to a parallel universe.

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