Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Now for a Humor Break...or Maybe a Reality Break

These links will either make you laugh yourself silly (and wonder how you can get some of the posters to hang up), or make you cringe. Hence, this may be a humor break, or a reality break from your normal routine. Despair.Com. Check out the posters and stuff. I kinda liked this one. If that wasn't enough, take a peek here. I found the lead to this information via that submariner guy, Chapomatic, who is a real thinker and writer, in addition to a guy who spent lots of time sinking ships he was riding on. Chap, if you're reading this, a Spru Can sounds like a light rain squall when it's about to put a Mk 46 in the water near you..... Bonus link of the day: Ever get a little upset when someone parks so that they take up all the spots or block traffic? Get a pack of bumper stickers here to adorn their vehicle.

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