Friday, April 22, 2005

"Field" Promotion of Thunder6

Recently an Army 1st Lt was authorized to be promoted to Captain. On the 13th of this month (April, and I'm basing this on the date of his posting), his LTC honored his promotion in a special way, one that a true warrior won't forget. It's another of Thunder 6's long, but execellent reads. If you're not checking here daily, shame on you, but it's you who is missing some great writing. I was authorized to be frocked to O-3 in 1979. The chain of command I worked for was the opposite end of the spectrum of what Thunder 6 has . They told the three of us to get our LT bars, then told us they weren't going to frock us, then they scheduled an awards ceremony, and told us to just show up wearing them. Well, being the young and impetuious juniors offcers we were (well, two of the three of us), we had our own awards ceremony in the head, with the senior division officer, who was a hard working LT, but living in "our" strata, pin on our new rank insignia. We did take pictures...We did show up at the awards ceremony wearing our new rank.

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