Friday, April 15, 2005

No word from the USAF reader(s)….

I usually check my site stats a few times a day. Today, when I dropped down to "details," I noticed a login from an server three times, with the first two IP groups being the same for each one. Each of the three visits went to my post from last year regarding my feelings about the USAF thinking they are the best service to be in charge of space operations. I’m not sure why Blogger doesn’t have the comments link displayed when you go there, but there is an icon to email me. So far, no comments have come my way. I could have had three separate east coast USAF types come by for a laugh, or one visiting three times, to make sure it was well read. Since writing that, and being a student of the current trends in military technology, it looks like they aren’t going to need either the Navy or Air Force, as technology from the Global Hawks and Predators, not to mention the wiz-bang stuff NASA is doing already out in space, may make all of the people who wear a uniform and want to be "explorers" obsolete. Based on an article in the May 2005 Popular Mechanics, "America 2025," on page 80, Arthur Moorish of DARPA indicates future aircraft will be "optionally manned." Would you get into a C-17 crossing the ocean with only an auto-pilot to get you off the ground and to your destination? It’s not out of the question in the not too distant future. Think about it, who ever heard of a computer complaining about pulling too many Gs?

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