Friday, April 08, 2005

Yes, MSM, the "insurgents" are winning...NOT!

I would think if the "insurgents" were really winning, as the MSM would have us believe, they certainly wouldn't have to stoop to blowing up children trying to make a community cleaner. I guess these kids were a threat to the "insurgent" movement's power base. On the other hand, maybe after all the stories we have read about how the Iraqi children have responded to the kindness of the US Military, they are trying to kill them in order to keep that influence from playing out in the future... While I was attending Naval War College in 87-88, and taking classes down the road at Salve Regina for an MA, we had an assignment to share some of our experiences in our philosophy class. One Marine Major, who had been assigned as an attache in Lebanon shared told about a formal reception where he enganged a Lebanese Christian Army officer in a conversation regarding the Christian/Muslim conflict of the time. It went like this: "How can you kill a pregnant woman?" Response: "If I don't kill her now, in 16 years, I have two people I have to kill." Chilling, but speaks to the power of influence...

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