Friday, April 15, 2005

Cool Aviation Reading

I finished reading Flight Journal June 2005 iuuse tonight. It had some great articles..... "Do I Feel Lucky?" by Lt. Col. Braxton "Brick" Eisel, USAF (Ret). His F-4G Wild Weasel operations in Desert Storm. Trying being first the bait, then the shooter... "The Ace in Action" by Richard Kirkland. A short memoir of a man who flew in Major Richard Bong’s P-38 squadron in 1943. A view of the top scoring USAAF pilot. "F-35 – A New Breed of Bird" by Steve Pace. Great break out on the A (USAF), B (USMC) and C (USN) models of the Joint Strike Fighter. "Mission Completed" by Lt. Col. Robert W. McClung, USMC (Ret). Just another interesting glimpse of life in "Pappy" Boyington’s Black Sheep, on a short notice straffing run over a Japanese airfield. Oh, except for 20/40 at the end of high school...:(

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