Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sgt Chris Missick Describes His Return Home

Sgt Chris Missick, US Army is a gifted writer and a well read individual, with a grasp of geopolitics similar to those I have known who have graduated from the Country's service War Colleges. It's wonderful to read things written by a young man, who is at the real tip of the spear, who can flesh his writing out with a greater picture of the issues surrounding what is/has happening/happened. I hadn't been by his site lately, as he last posted, when I was checking, back in February, as his Signal Corps unit was just about to leave Iraq. Today, I found his post of 4/14/05, which is another piece of the experience, a combat veteran, who is "re-uniting" with society; his family, his friends, and mexican restaurants. It is defintiely worth a read. For us who will never have a life experience like Chris, and so many of the people who know (and read), and for those "in the sandbox" who will come home, Chris tells a story that lays bare some of the emotions he is feeling.

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